A Platform Built To Revolutionize Industry 4.0 Experience.

With the ongoing Industrial Revolution 4.0.  The digital twin is now within reach as manufacturing processes become increasingly digital. Companies can detect physical issues sooner, predict outcomes more accurately, and build better products with the digital twin by providing them with a complete digital footprint of their products.


What is Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a virtual model designed to accurately reflect a physical object.  As the name implies, a digital twin is a virtual model that accurately reflects a physical object. When data is communicated through a scientifically accurate 3D model, it is known as a virtual twin. Virtual twins are among the most powerful digital transformation innovations for bridging the information gap between real-world operations and remote workforces. Multi-stakeholders (internal and external) can collaborate to understand and overcome challenges by utilizing powerful 3D simulations that can be used to understand and accurately predict the results of various strategies before they are implemented.

3DEXPERIENCE Works Platform-
A Dassault Systemes’ Digital Twin Solution.

The Dassault Systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform connects an entire ecosystem on a single cloud-based platform, from which you can leverage the 3DEXPERIENCE virtual twin to bring together the real and virtual worlds.

3DEXPEREINCE Works as a platform for connecting people, bringing ideas together, creating wonderful designs collaboratively, and managing and monitoring products.


  1. The collaborative process is the process by which the different stakeholders in the manufacturing organization meet to discuss the overall project’s needs, wants, and goals. All of these disciplines may have a role to play in the creation of a unified system, including design engineering, manufacturing engineering, quality assurance, sales, procurement, and management.

2. Modeling is the first step in digitalization. It involves creating an accurate representation of machines, processes, and workflows by rendering physical systems (and often humans, too).

3. Optimisation is the result of the Virtual Twin Experience, which involves testing, trying, and testing again changes to reduce production bottlenecks and improve efficiency. As a result, planning changes become true “what if” experiments, allowing many changes to be iterated in real-time, from equipment cycles to worker time and motion studies.

4. Performance: The digital twin is designed to achieve performance, the actual implementation of the new processes and procedures developed in the virtual factory. A successful Virtual Twin Experience minimizes downtime, enables rapid, trouble-free production changes, and ensures that production changes are swift and trouble-free.

By using a platform that enables enterprise agility, innovation, and resilience and that:

  • Connects all people, processes, and data
  • Covers all business activities—design, simulation, and information intelligence—while providing a seamless, collaborative environment; and is accessible from anywhere and everywhere via mobile/cloud

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