Accurately representing manufacturing features such as sheet metal and weldments, creating tool designs efficiently, and working with multiple data formats are the key tasks of the manufacturing industry. With SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, Simulation, PDM and Composer, you can avoid the manufacturing delays, cost overruns, and shop-floor retrofits that work against your company’s success and competitive position. Many of Pansul customers are using SOLIDWORKS to increase productivity and reduce lead time which ultimately helps in generating profits.

The use of CAM software was a quantum leap in machining productivity. Still, no matter what process you utilize, be it milling, drilling, punching, laser/waterjet cutting, multi-access machining, or wire EDM, the critical requirements start with accurate, clean 3D design geometry. DFM tools become a bridge between the worlds of design and manufacturing that allow you to reap additional advances in product development efficiencies.

Whether you cast or forge parts, 3D design and DFM tools can help you check the draft of your parts, and evaluate the strength and precision of your fixtures, dies, and molds. For example, can you improve the performance of your power hammers and presses during forging operations? Would you like to avoid die lock? Can you leverage 3D printing to create starch-based molds for economical casting?

The methods used to assemble parts and subassemblies into final products can vary greatly, from pick-and-place robotics to machinedriven assembly/packaging, to manual operations. Visualizing and simulating how a product goes together with any assembly operation is essential for preventing assembly-related bottlenecks. This capability can also help you develop the best-performing, most cost-effective assembly machine system by using simulation data to create the perfect design at the perfect size.


How SOLIDWORKS will help?

control manufacturing costs.

SOLIDWORKS is integrated with leading manufacturing systems, such as CAM, mold analysis, and mechatronics software. This integration gives you seamless access to SOLIDWORKS DFM tools, including DFMXpress, TolAnalyst, moldability (draft) analysis, and interference-checking capabilities. Integrated DFM can help you cut or hold the line on manufacturing costs.

Reduce scrap, rework, and waste.

With SOLIDWORKS DFM tools, you will experience fewer geometry surprises on the production floor, resulting in less scrap and rework. Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation to validate designs and tooling, you can avoid waste related to production failures.

Optimize material usage.

Reducing material usage is an easy way to cut costs. With SOLIDWORKS Simulation, you can validate designs and trim away wasted material.

Eliminate downtime and production stoppages.

SOLIDWORKS ensures precise 3D geometries for clean fit and assembly and facilitates the processing of design changes. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables you to automate manufacturing workflows and accelerate engineering change orders (ECOs). These capabilities give you the agility you need to rectify changes on the fly and prevent downtime.

Eradicate wasted or duplicated effort.

In today’s technology-based manufacturing environment, manufacturers should never need to redraw or remodel their designs. Because SOLIDWORKS is integrated with leading manufacturing systems, you can eliminate data translations, file conversions, or model redraws.

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